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Wolfgang Gehner

Wolfgang Gehner, Founder and CEO

"Wolfgang can take technology and make it work for the client. He has a long history working with web technologies as well as RFID. He has both a business and software background, and is conceptually very strong, all of which help deliver smart solutions that really meet client needs."

Wolfgang has worked with web technologies as a software engineer since 1998. He has helped many clients. A few clients are mentioned here. Wolfgang has a BA (Hons) in European Business Administration. He is based in California.

Vic Cekvenich

Vic Cekvenich, Chief Technology Officer

"Vic is the best software architect and coder I have ever known. He has an absolute gift of being able to identify the most productive and future-safe technologies. Over many years, I have yet to regret a technology choice Vic has advanced. He is highly competent in Java, Node/Javascript, latest web technologies, massive scalability, infrastructure and large scale deployments. It is great to work with him. We have written two books together." - Wolfgang about Vic

Vic is JDJ trainer of the year. He began his career in software in 1990, and has done software engineering work for Akamai, Tivo, NASA, Novell/SilverStream and CSC, among many others. Vic has a BSC in Computer Science from CUNY. He is based in New York.

John Wilson

John Wilson, Crypto Engineer

John has 20 years of experience as software engineer and has been working with crypto for the last three years. Projects included a cold storage wallet and automated market making robots.

John has previously worked for IBM. He has a Bachelor in Applied Mathematics from UESTC.

Brad Morgan

Brad Morgan, Team Member

Anton Postolati

Anton Postolati, Team Member

Rhys Holder

Rhys Holder, Team Member

Gregory Skerry

Gregory Skerry, Team Member